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By Carlo Vitali

The persistent conflict upon the Family Rights is due to the refusal of a Natural Law's hegemony upon the Positive Law imposed on the human society by the abominable 1789 scientist-positivist French Revolution.
The persistent conflict is still surviving in any lawmaking sector between Positive Laws legitimated by the 1776 principles of the American Revolution of Governments "of the People, by the People, for the People" ruling "under God" legitimated by humanist-renaissance criteria of the (Roman-Greek-Christian) Western Civilization and the Positive Laws legitimated instead by the 1789 "revolutionary criterion" of Science being the hegemonic protagonist against any Law of Nature doping the human society through "Religion" a fake character that the ruling-elites have the duty thanks Enlightened Governments "of Oligarchies, by formal Knowledge, upon the People", entitled to discard from the People's fake belief injected by Religion ("Opium of the People") that Nature isn't a perfectible creature
designed by God where Man can use his science to remove flaws respectful of the Natural Law BUT is instead the products of a 'material' evolution governed by stochastic happenings and gradual adaptation to the gradual settings of a system where Man and His Science can impose thanks to
Technology a "programmed progress" leading to the final triumph of the Free Humanity formed by perfect individuals thanks to eugenics able to remove any imperfection inbuilt in the finally decoded DNA.
The two opposite paradigms of "democracy" conflicted during the two past centuries and legitimated two opposite types of Regime emblematically represented by the USA "spirit of '76" (Government of the People under God) and by the Cheese-eaters' 1789 one that supported a new Ancien Regime's
perception (a Nanny State granting "equality" thanks to the failed Welfare State and Industrial Planning). The USA Revolution's legitimacy has established its hegemony in the mind of Humanity as the See of both material progress and of Individual Freedoms. The French Revolution's legitimacy
instead has established the bloodiest '800 and '900 politically ideological dictatorships (communism, nationalism, fascism, colonialism, Nazism, Sharia).
Should be therefore evident the ethical superiority of the traditional Westerner paradigm beyond the clear economical superiority evidenced by the occasional periods when liberal-capitalism has been free from the unnatural constraints imposed by State Welfare and Central Planning; i.e. Ronnie Reagan and Bill Clinton in the USA, Margie-darling and Blair in the UK and, only marginally, in other Countries of Europe like in Italy during the Einaudi-De Gasperi "miracolo economico" after the USA Liberation from the fascist central planning Regime (and prior to the still ongoing para-fascist, para-communist "State Planning" whose only opponent is the tycoon Silvio Berlusconi!)-
All this being said - just to state the political framework challenging the emerging Global Governance - we can try to bring down to the 'concrete' political struggles affecting 'ethical themes' in our western scenario.
Genetic engineering is either used for eugenic ends (Nazi's were masters in the field though through natural means) or to 'correct' the innate DNA defects restoring a natural Psycho-Neural-Endocrine-Immunological development of individual capacity of restoring homeostasis in the course of any natural destabilization.
Homosexuality isn't existing in Nature among animal species and is therefore to be considered a deviant behavior disregarding any additional religious stigma.
For the same unnatural character the Family should be considered as the only means in Nature to grant continuity to the animal species. Therefore even among humans it's reasonable to consider as a Family any aggregation of the same specie shaped around the association of a male and one or more females
organized around different roles needed to generate, to breed ad to educate kids. No homosexual 'marriage' has sense therefore nor homosexual adoption of kids. In Nature we find namely species monogamy or polygamy not additional sort of families. Positive Laws should therefore adhere to the
same concept respecting God's Law as stated in Nature for either 'religious' or unreligious species. Mormons or Islamic polygamy could be allowed and regulated in addition to the traditional western monogamy while homosexual families should not be entitled the same sort of rights. Perhaps specific
contractual agreements regulating the mutual links among the two (or more) partners of that association.
Abortion is a traumatic act hindering the Natural development of Life from the very initial zygote who'd progress his growth ending in Nature in the 'separation' of the new born from his mother. The western civilization establishes Positive Laws with the key purpose to 'protect' the rights of the 'weaker' individual from any abuse imposed to him by external powers; the zygote is therefore to be granted of a Natural Right.
Artificial insemination should be regulated by Positive Laws according to the same criteria exposed for the Natural Family. Any Artificial Insemination by Donor should therefore be restricted to sperm of members of a Natural Family (in either monogamy or polygamy).
As stated instead the real struggle today is debated in a misleading contrast between two opposed political paradigms: the 1776 spirit of the western civilization against the failed, fake, abominable 1789 paradigm of a 'deviant civilization' that suppressed God, Religion and Natural Law as counterparts able to legitimate the Positive Laws stated through Governments"of the People, for the People, by the People" replacing that liberal-democratic political paradigm with that of a State entitled to establish self-legitimated Positive Laws (i.e. "for the People") and to impose them (i.e. "on the People") thanks to Governments of "learned people" (i.e. "by oligarchies" among the People).
We are assisting to the furious agony of the Ancien Regime and its authoritarianism against the hegemony assumed by liberal-democracy in both ethics and economy and we assist too to the desperate distortion of the 'Spirit of '76' in the same USA without an overall understanding of what is
ultimate task of the battle; the injection of the 1789 paradigm (alien to the Western Civilization) in the emerging Global Governance.
America awake for God's sake!

By Carlo Vitali