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Accetto Chudi

Refugees from Romania

by Matteo F.M. Sommaruga

Among the others, I have acquired a good sense of familiarity with colleagues moved away from the former Socialist Republic of Romania. Some of them are actually Hungarian and still sadly recollect the Treaty of Trianon with all the consequences on the territorial integrity of their own land. Other just complain how in Yalta the doom of the Danubian nation has been decided, without even slightly taking care of feeling of her people. They found themselves with a Communist Regime, proclaimed by official elections. Scarce relevance had also been given to the well grounded doubts of frauds. The results of the polls became irreversible for the following fifty years.
I strongly sympathize with those fellow travellers, met by perchance on a common project 300 miles far from my hometown. We are both refugees, quite for similar reasons. Brainwashing, plots, vote rigging and once more brainwashing, have seriously affected the existence of all of us. We are just relieved to be able to openly point out the milestones of our disgraceful conditions. We are actually still fighting, on the other side of the Berlin Wall. By sparing money to become once again legitimate owners of our household. By starting a career from scratch, since our previous one has got no value here. By building a brand new social network around us.
It's not so easy as it could seem to be, after having read the biographies of thousands of successful businessmen, exiled and expatriated as we are, died after having created world renowned companies and institutions. For those few thousands, there are several many hundred thousands not so happy, yet even happier of a restored tranquillity. There are still however a large majority who will bear the scars of persecutions for the whole life. I feel to be among them, unsatisfied to simply accept my condition and being remunerated by a conspicuous bank account or a significant contemporary art collection.
Jo, the most loquacious member of the Romanian congregation, shares my same ideas. After having travelled the world doing consultancy, he has landed in Munich guided just by the good rates on his contract. He is much more like an entrepreneur, although he enjoys the security to be part of a bigger company. Nobody likes too much risk also under the most encouraging perspectives. A common expression is also there is no gain without risk. It is like to bet on the favourite horse. If you win, you just keep the money you have invested, but there is still some chance that your pure-sang wouldn't even end the race.
I always enjoy a nice conversation with Tom. Most colleagues of mine do not like him too much. He is likes the sound of his voice and, sure that also others do, he always speaks far too loud. He looks like a great guy to me and I would never leave him behind, if something wrong on our project would ever go wrong. I am however convinced, much more by conjectures than by facts, about the strength of his will. At least he has not surrendered the idea to reconstruct his own country. Nor to pay back the commies for the perseverance applied to destroy a huge part of his family. He can scarcely figure out a plan, but he foresees a day when all those monuments to the socialist revolution will be wiped out by the sudden awakening of the individuals.
On my part I don't know what to expect from the future. Lobbies are hard to lose their power, and the socialist one, especially among intellectuals, has carefully extended its own power to think tanks, medias and universities. For its adherents, any loss of influence would turn out to be the end of their own career, at least as they have built it. Just to enhance the perception of the unrightful interference of the state, into economy and private life, would be a satisfying medium term result. For the short term nothing better can be done than to stand fast to the daily intellectual challenges of the liberal propaganda.

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On the other side of Berlin Wall

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