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Accetto Chudi


by Matteo F.M. Sommaruga

I am leaving the office for half an hour of fresh air. As someone condemned to a long imprisonment, charged of a terrible crime. My exile is however sweet, as the water of the Promised Land, and from my office windows I enjoy the view of a beautiful park. Among the trees, the sound of the wind so nicely accompanies the singing of the magpies. Even without paying proper attention, squirrels are easily spotted, playing among the woods and dogs are quietly running around without making any nuisance to the happy folk.
The Englischen Garten, in the very heart of the city, divide a reasonable part of Munich in two halves, each of them enjoyable, especially during the last weeks of the springtime till the beginning of the autumn. The most prominent companies have found their own headquarters all around the park, whose access is provided as a well appreciated benefit by a significant part of their employees. At least those who appreciate green areas. Quite a significant percentage just ignore it and prefer a quick lunch in the canteen for an affordable price. To these lot belongs the significant minority accustomed to the greyish monotony of suburban areas developed by snobbish architects so well dedicated to socialist theories.
On daily basis I enjoy a comfortable walk under the trees, following the small artificial streams and creeks. Dogs are joyfully taking their bath, alongside human being. Some points are even crossed by horseback police, whose officers should consider most of their duty as true pleasure. Children use to play ball, seldom unattended, alongside young and healthy mothers. Some of the latter pull the stroller while jogging. Up to six kids are put in the same one to be brought around as if they were little lords on a carriage. They are so curious about the world they are starting to explore. If the statistics are correct, they could expect to have even more than a century to go on with their observations. Perhaps even with a budget generous enough to carry them to the remotest area of the planet.
Such a sight inspires optimism towards a growing economy and graphs tending to the top, reaching figures unforeseeable just a couple of decades ago. Excluding those paradoxical ones so often published on the Pravda or inside the books about soviet block countries. Especially when translated to English or any other language in use among NATO members and the intended reader was a casual visitor from the West. It seems that capitalism has materialized the illusions predicted by enemy propaganda. At least I hope so. The mix of mathematical models and complex data sourcing is beyond any reasonable proof available to a human being. Those information should be thrusted on the basis of some tangible feedbacks.
I thrust the US Government Commission, NATO reports, the CIA World Factbook and German Newspapers, just some of them, on the basis of the prosperity I am enjoying during my daylife and some logical reasoning. I assume that my knowledge is quite correct, because the system I have adopted works so well and I am feeling at ease.

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