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Accetto Chudi


by Matteo F.M. Sommaruga

A greater game was indeed progressing outside the borders of the Democratic Republic. After a couple of generations the cleavage with the Free World would have been so evident that even those few opposers survived would have scarcely survived a successful attempt of escape. If not with that abhorred State or charity support that every independent spirit wouldn't ever ask for.

Since professionality and specific skills were highly valued, much more than social intellgence or socialist faith, the letter being on the contrary be laughable lines on any CV, a proper training turned out to be essential in an high competitive market. The mob had therefore quite a large chance to access the market, even with the role of a strong competitor. Nevertheless time-management, a well scheduled week and a foresighting career development program were essential to reach the top level consultancy. Otherwise even the most ambitious would have left to be a pawn among many others. Many meant millions, in the global market.

Frontiers, like within the pre-WWI Empires, didn't mean anything more that a place where to play with time zones, for the management, and tax and customs for accountancy. Our hero just made a step out the door and he discovered himself to have accessed a brand new universe, made of a peculiar caste systems that, like levels of a videogame, allowed professionals to evaluate the effectiveness of their achievements.

Geography didn't really matter. There were black-holes, whose actractive mass was constituted by the budget available and the number of starting projects. Just a check on the web would have given the idea where to move next, where with a four months contract, after taxes, a focused professional could maximed his or her income. Corporations, nor the State, had any power anymore, if not for some not-written rules about finishing what you've began. Digital parchments recollecting the code of honour of bands of knights during the early middle ages. Before the Autumn of that era, when Kings and Crowns subdued free cities and proud vassals to the power of an absolute authority. That very same system that XIX century science reconducted to marxist theories.

On the business section of the North Korea official internet site could be read "As opposed to other Asian countries, worker's will not abandon their positions for higher salaries once they are trained." That rule didn't apply in the free world the engineer had entered leaving the Democratic Republic.

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On the other side of Berlin Wall

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