Preliminary ops.
Been quite busy, lately.


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August 16th 2023

by Zulfikar Ahmetovic

Still in Sardinia.

This sort of diary skips days and nights.
Preliminary ops.
Been quite busy, lately.
First steps: 
A) relationships established. My friend’s friends sooo useful.  Deeply nice people, cultured and well mannered.
AS a bit crazy minded but effectively updated in intnl affairs, deem him useful and desperately ingenuous. My best cover up, his political ideas so different from mine, that deep liberal he is. 
My best screen. We can chat politics as if I were a plain developed Bosnian refugee.
His partner GC even provided me an old sun bleached small car so I can even move around. Obviously, Chief Rice assistant provided me a driving permit and some kind of legal insurance cover. It’s a Polo, it used to be red once ago.
Then there is CB, well-to-do colleague of his. While touring me around, he pointed at a couple of rundown buildings in the fields, completely abandoned. 
Places I can drive to and hide the Polo, find space for stuff to hide. Visited them parking the Polo long away from, disguising myself as an innocent hiker with backpack and water and all, walking around the Neolithic stone carved burials the locals call Domus de Janas.
GD the guy with some records, well, I got friends with him - some sort of. He introduced me to some shady guys his friends. Plus more preciously to a close relative of his who’s an NCO in an old times NATO depot.
Might bribe him into smuggling out something off the records, something light such as ammos or night vision devices.
Then some of Chief Rice’s assistant associates came up, very useful.
Call him Brink - it’s one of his alias.
Say I met him before.
He used to be handyman for a wartime (jugoslavian wartime I mean) old acquaintance of mine.
A late friend of my old man Zulfikar, my grandfather. Call him Florian.
That friend some years older than him, interesting guy from DO of the Company.
Florian helicoptered weapons to the Bosnians, had a stunning Croatian trophy wife, his forth one.
Well, Brink took up his Italian small scale company - a fishing trade one - and kept the shop open.
I bet Brink is Company, maybe not full time, more likely an occasional to DO.
He owns a nice house in Olbia, he vacations there with some young girls he changes like shirts. 
Only the last one seemed to interest him more, a goth beauty covered in scary tattoos. A blue blooded French National I her late twentie, crazy enough to be a true White Russian descendant.
Brink updated me on ops stemming from my Italian friend’s scenery job.
His last mission was: highlighting potential cracks in European NATOs and focused on punishing / diminishing France’s role in subsaharian Africa.
I reckon, Niger stuff went a bit too far. 
I don’t dare saying we provoked that, but honestly I can’t say the opposite too.
To be continued 
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