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Accetto Chudi

May 21st 2023

by Matteo F.M. Sommaruga



I managed to triumph, or actually the leftist Party did, in a remote town in Italy, on the Swiss borders. A place where just thirty years ago the communist flag terrorized the minds of the local population and agitated the words of the local priests. It is now the church and the catholic movement that has supported the heirs of the red banner to win the local elections. Perhaps they just need to wait a few years and they shall be able to set up the celebrations for the anniversary of the Revolution. I am so proud of those who so successfully manipulated the mind of those former opponents of my ideology, now totally blind in front of my propaganda. Yet, there is such a lot to do before being able to take over the power in a country big enough to influence the neighboring nations. Switzerland must be avoided however. It must stay a safe place for all of us, all of us ambitious enough to want to reshape the world, but cautious enough to keep a whole region far away from the undesired and unexpected effects of social experiments and effective public speeches. The friends of the museums perhaps share my risk of adversity, since they are so enthusiastic to talk about socialism, but they also live quite standard middle-class existences. Actually, I sometimes find them quite boring for having learnt any possible slogan and stereotype by heart. If there were a robot able to replicate the gestures of a socialist activist, this machine would perhaps sound less mechanical. Lack of talent combined with the need to express our minds, often impells to adhere to some stupid and empty ritual. I should blame myself for exposing socialism to such harsh commentaries, but I am convinced to speak the truth. When I created the ideology, out of the Marx´​ complete works and the rage of the anarchists, I did an excellent job rich with creativity. Only an ingenious mind could have conceived such a system. Stalin, although not so refined and sometimes dumb as only a Georgian peasant could be, or even worse a Georgian seminarist, was also a genius to so successfully implement my theories and intentions. All those who followed however totally lack any feeling for innovation, and they even manage to overbook the most pragmatic problems. Their medals obfuscated their minds, as much as the Nobel Prize does with liberals.



The art dealer


I am now facing an odd and unusual problem. Someone is offering me a new issue of an artwork that is almost unique, to be sold to a selected number of collectors. That person looks to be in this elitist league of art lovers who are entitled to purchase a piece during a preview and resell it afterwards without a problem, but with a huge margin. I wish I were one of them. This time the buyer does not look to have a sufficient network to place the meisterwerk, or supposed so, and contacts me. I have never dealt with him before. I am just aware that he has got good pieces in his own collection, but it sounds odd that he has got no connections at all. My boss is now on leave and perhaps it is wiser to wait for him to be back before making the next move. Such a thought is perhaps too pavid and risk averse, making me look like the common man who walks along the street complaining about his poor wage that has not increased in ten years. I should start to consider myself an entrepreneur, although I received a salary on a regular basis plus commissions. The point is that I find myself in no different situation than my potential client, who manages to purchase an almost unique and valuable item, but at the same time has no market where to sell it. Staying at home is a pleasant activity, and allows you to spare a lot of money as well, when living in a city like London, but it closes the door to more potential and valuable contrasts. Luckily we have got Internet, but even relying on a good VR casket, digital life makes me sick. It is totally unnatural and I get easily addicted to social networks and videogames that provide me with the feeling of having accomplished something useful when I have just wanted my time. Now that the NFT market is surging again and is mixing with gaming and enhanced interactions, I cannot stay away, but need to pay a lot of attention. Much more than to an unknown wannabe art dealer proposing a bargain on the most beguiled object of the moment.



The consultant


Compulsory training is a part of my job and I am supposed to find some time, out of the regular office hours and the irregular project hours, to dedicate myself to the recurring videos on privacy and integrity. It is quite obvious not to tell too much about current engagements and current prospective clients, but it is perhaps not so obvious and the company still needs a way to be able to legally persecute unloyal employees. It will still be possible to find an excuse and sustain that nobody mentioned not to shout loudly in the middle of the train about what the client intends to do through the business strategy or any other relevant decision. A minimum level of integrity is also quite easy to understand, but I really do not know how promptly I would react in case someone will try to bribe me. For sure I shall not be part of the game. I have never stolen anything in my life and bribes are stolen money. From the client, the company, or the final user. I really do not know whether in the former Eastern Germany, years of dictatorship have loosened the ethics of the local population. I like to entertain myself with the former Ossies. They are quite communicative and I do not have to forget that one hundred years ago they lived in one of the most wealthy areas of Europe. It is so strange to consider that, but I seldom discuss politics and prefer to keep the focus on my tasks and social life. Tonight I will have a date, still at the same piano bar of my hotel. Waiters and the pianist have started to get acquainted with my face, it will be thus embarrassing if they will spot me on a daily basis with a different man. Perhaps they will not take care of me and I can still pretend to be at business meetings. A colleague of mine, from those nearshored in  Bucharest, was so proud about her concept of “not displaying affection in public”. I understand now what she meant, considering herself, to be on the market as much as she was on the internal HRM of the company. I need to stay calm and be brave. Everything will go smoothly. Perhaps compulsory training will be the best way to spend the time while waiting for the RV time. However in my room and not at the bar.

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