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Accetto Chudi

August 13th 2023

by Matteo F.M. Sommaruga



A Revolution can be ignited also by a sect, as it was mine, but such a sect must receive widespread support to overcome the established institutions. The adherents must begin to evangelize outside the frames of their own well regulated existence. The best way is by publishing or to gain a main impact on the art market. Or just in the art world overall. Because the Revolution can be really successful only once the movement aiming to get the power has efficiently infiltrated the institutions to be subverted. Thus it is when museum curators and eminent professors, or journalists in the newspapers, those trusted by the wide middle class, or even by the upper class, take your side, that is the exact turning point when you can perceive the imminent success of the riot. However some tension must be perceived by the masses and the role of the agitators is critical, a further key to obtain what you really need, that is the brainwash of the mob. At that point of time, the enthusiastic mass of the workers will begin to offer soldiers to be sacrificed to the cause. Those who stay behind, not totally affected by the propaganda, or just because cautious by nature, will provide the most efficient support to the first line of activists. Once overwhelming, most of the cautious men, who constitute the majority of the population, will be convinced of the good of the Revolution and join the growing mass of activists. It will be the turning point, when the institutions will be unable to react anymore and shall be forced to adapt to the new course. That is happening right now.



The art dealer


It is difficult to say no to a good bargain, at least for what it could look like on the market. My boss has recommended me to pay attention to the quality, whatever the circumstances could be. The deal of the week would be a series of prints signed by Damien Hirst and published by Heni. Many have followed Heni, that is a premium British publisher, during the past years because of it aggressive politics on multiples as investment. They have unfortunately fallen into far too high numbers to be able to keep quality and professional credibility. A brilliant publisher should never be so greedy. Also Taschen is perhaps greedy, but at the same time inventive. In a such a way that the house, the one of Taschen, can constantly surprise the public and even positively contribute to the art world far beyond the market perspectives. It is though Taschen that I discovered many artists previously unknown to me, but internationally recognised. It was the way, much more than the university that I attended, to prepare myself for my job. Of course my boss, with whom I so often disagree and discuss, has also been a valuable mentor and it is perhaps thanks to him that I could gain enough experience to make myself independent. If I only had enough money, I could make the jump tomorrow, but perhaps I will have saved enough when also my knowledge will be sufficient strong to be able to face the waves of the free market without invoking for socialist protection.



The consultant


My company, together with the city hall of Zurich, has offered me a tour to Davos. I love the city and I was excited, in the beginning, when they delivered me such a communication. However I have been soon dismayed by discovering that the trip will include several hours a day of feminist education. Apparently I am not educated enough to work together with the social services, especially in a leading position, unless I do not awaken my social consciousness. Or, in this case, my gender self/representation and self esteem, or some similar concept that I still try to grasp and visualise in my mind. Luckily in the tour there is also some free time, that I only hope I will not have to voluntarily devolve to some additional initiatives. Luckily I have discovered that on the same weekend a cleaning-the-forests group will patrol the area. I have already contacted them to fill the so-called free hours left to me. The organiser was in the beginning disappointed, because, as I expected, she has planned some additional activities to get together and consolidate what was learned during the brainwashing. After a while she however accepted my desire to detach myself from the rest of the group, provided that I will take the chance to evangelise and convey the message among the friends of the woods. I am forgetting what consulting means, but I am learning the art of propaganda.

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In Frankfurt like Heidi, in Zuerich like Lenin

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