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Accetto Chudi

November 26th 2023

by Matteo F.M. Sommaruga



I would have never expected to leave Zurich so soon, nor the job at the museum. Perhaps I will get it back, when I need it. I am not so sure. The people have been so mean, so driven by tangible goals that they could have already marked me as a betrayer for having resigned. By having published a book, a best seller, by Diogenes, is already my insurance for a lifelong rent and a decent quality apartment. Whatever comes extra, it can be invested in the travels that I need to reconstruct my history and get my identity back. Moreover nobody can forbid me to write and publish further novels. I however like to keep the style and path of my first success, despite the fact that I could not sign Vladimir Lenin. By agreement with the publisher, we opted for V. L. Enin. It is too close to Boris Akhunin and we have stolen the idea from him. When he received my book, with my autograph so close, in the handwriting, to the calligraphy produced by my former self one hundred years ago, he was so enthusiastic. He replied to my letter and claimed himself happy to meet me in person. If I only were able to reach Moscow or St Petersburg under current conditions. The war, by my experience with this kind of matters, will last for another eight years and this implies that I need to find a clever route through the inconvenience of the events. In a few hours I will take the train to Berlin. Once there, the chance will decide the next steps to be done.



The art dealer


Art Miami is approaching and my gallery has decided to send me to the place to make some quick purchases during the preview evening. The point is that it is expected that some of the major publishers will release a new portfolio of some valuable names. My boss is sure that Alex Katz and Jonas Wood will catch the attention with a title that will be sold out within a few hours. I am not sure, but if he has paid me the expenses of a whole week in Miami, I expect it is not with the intention to award my comment with a free trip on the other side of the Ocean. There is always a big uncertainty in the market, as much as the one aroused around Robert Indiana’s works. Up to the point that the foundation protecting the artist’s reputation has recently issued the complete catalogue of his works for free, in digital version. A volume that would come out to be quite useful and, if there will be no big name released by Art Basel Miami, then I will be happy to employ the gallery’s money on an alternative investment. Provided that my boss will trust me. Perhaps he will not believe that I am particularly brilliant for this kind of operations on the secondary market, but Robert Indiana is a trademark that does not fail. I would much prefer Joe Tilson, one of his wooden sculptures with an archaic meaning, paying homage to Venice and the classic Greek Mythology. Alas only very few collectors can appreciate him nowadays.



The consultant


I have to come back to Horgen another time because I reached Hirzel and the Heidi’s museum too late. It was already closed. I however knew my way and, being a returning customer, I could more easily play the role of an abitué. I only had to paid attention not to cross the path of an idiot who has worked with me during the last few months. Not that I can consider him so dangerous - although every low IQ person can be - but I discovered he lives nearby and I want to avoid meeting him along the street. Apparently he well represents the tall, white and rich heterosexual white man, a category he for sure belongs to, but he is also arrogant and a coward at the same time. The most apt person to join the politically correct mob that gets crazy at the sight of a beefsteak, served with potatoes, or by only hearing the Goebbels name in a quote. Although the free world culture has delegated the nazi prominent to a caricatural role, a sort of disgusting Pinocchio, to be despised, but not to be feared anymore. I have however not met my former colleague so far, he could avoid me or perhaps he spends the whole weekend drinking beer in front of a large tv-colour. The museum is not so far, only a few minutes on foot. I take a step by looking into the fridge of a Bauerhof. Perhaps I will buy some cider or local cheese on my way back. It will fit so well to the picture of a foreigner genuinely interested for local culture.

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In Frankfurt like Heidi, in Zuerich like Lenin

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