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Accetto Chudi

September 3rd 2023

by Matteo F.M. Sommaruga



Many wonder if a dictator can be a nice and decent person while engaged in a personal conversation. I would wonder the contrary, otherwise instead of followers, the tyrant would just collect hatred and enemies. It is the truth that people of my kind are used to adopting exceptionally virulent speeches while trying to enchant the big audience. It is the most effective way to awaken all the possible emotions in the mob, including those that will chain a large portion of the population to a well defined ideology. Unfortunately those kinds of topics that better work to animate the mass, are also the most dangerous ones. If an individual needs understanding, caring and to be assured about his fears, large masses can be moved only by arousing a desire of vengeance and destruction. There are some kinds of individuals also prone to get manipulated in an easy waz, and driven to crime if necessary, but they constitute a minority. The common man is a nice person and for this reason a leader who wants to get him caught in an ideological cobweb must also behave according to the rules of politeness and well recognizable conventions. It is also an element that buffles historians, while trying to depict as a monster the previous celebrated leader of a political party. Or an absolute ruler who has driven his own country to disaster and the most horrible deeds. I however prefer to enjoy the sunshine.



The art dealer


Orit Fuchs, she is the artist who has managed to magically enchant me and let my wallet open. Her track is quite poor in comparison with Jonas Wood or Julian Opie or Alex Katz. All artists she is referring to through her works. At first sight I thought she was only imitating them, thus establishing herself among so many characters of secondary importance in the art world. After a while I have however started to consider Orit Fuchs the next step, the one after Alex Katz’​ realistic portraits have conquered the hearts of so many collectors. Her pictures are quite different since she does not represent others, women or men, but an idealized vision of the woman, or of the human being within the context of our society. Perhaps the women she is having shape, and colors, to, are the ones who would at the best express her wishes, or reveal the secrets of her souls. There is however a further step beyond the point reached by the more established names she could be confused with. Moreover, sometimes the colors and the geometries are the elements that have mostly caught my eyes. She can use intense colors without the fear to become kitsch, or indecent. About the monetary aspect, I invested a lot in her, and I need to wait two and a half years before recovering from the expenses, perhaps even three years, but we shall see whether it is worth it. It is a risk I have taken.



The consultant


In the end I was removed by the project with the local authorities. The internal supervisors complained about my lack of commitment during the social activities planned outside the business hours. Particularly irritating has been my refusal to join a feminist strike that would have lasted a whole day. The client would have even paid my full consulting fee for the whole day. I did not feel comfortable with the idea to use tax money to join a political event and being handsomely paid to shout slogans in the middle of a mob of angry women. With whom I have got nothing to share, because all I want is a man who could love me and take care of my children. I feel no hatred for men and in the workplace I have always been respected. On the contrary I find much less respectful of this idea of the local authorities to push me to join a strike against my will. The client even googled me and, thanks to a fake account, they befriended me on Facebook to be able to take a couple of screenshots of my posts. They highlighted a couple that did not agree with a far too politically oriented set up of a theatrical piece in Zurich. I limited myself to asserting that I hardly recognised the character of William Tell, that he looked to me like a junkie squatting in an apartment in the banlieues of Paris. That was enough to accuse me of being a right extremist and being sent out of the project.

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In Frankfurt like Heidi, in Zuerich like Lenin

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