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Accetto Chudi

August 6th 2023

by Matteo F.M. Sommaruga


The club of the Leesesaal has found me and once again lost me. Just temporarily, since my presence has been distracted by the generosity of a wealthy young woman who wanted my presence beside her, during her holidays. What for an idea could be, the one that brings a lady to make a tour with a mummy besider her. I cannot imagine the actual reasons. After all there are so many maidens in this world who are dating, for the sake of money mainly, men who are much older. In my case, several decades older, if not a whole century. I however see that such an old girl enjoys outfashioned atmospheres, almost decaying into ruin. She has brought me to spend a whole week at the Scahtzalp in Davos. A place that has not bee renovated for more than one hundred years, if not for the minimal interventions required by safety reason, to avoid that the whole building will fall apart. The view is however so wid and, partially, even wild. A sight that can reflect my highest revolutionary ambitions, to see the world from above, in its pristine condition. Yet it is evident the strong attachment to the past, although I must recogniye that non everything in the modern world is so congenial to the life of human beings. Perhaps ohere above, I will be able to avoid all that obsession for trends and technology by which I am surrounded in Zurich. Since I am not on duty, I can avoid even to touch my mobile phone, friendly provided by the museum to be reachable at any time of the day or night in case an emergency should occur. If the cyar had at his disposals such magical tools, he could have easily controlled the rebellious desires of the population. He was however alien to the art of propaganda, the key to seduce and control the masses.



The art dealer


Perhaps I can close the deal with the Ly’s painting because the gallerist representing her in the U.S. will not continue his activity. His statement is that Ly will be represented in Japan only, from now on. My feeling is that his gallery is not doing so well, because after having put me under pressure for a fast answer, he now agrees about an offer, any that I could make. Perhaps even with a twenty percent discount, that is far beyond any form of gentlemen agreement. In that case I should not be too stingy, or greed, and limit myself to a ten percent discount. That is what more or less I will pay for custom duties. My boss avoids to pay for import taxes, relying on a fraport in Luxembourg and reselling the artworks without having even ever looked at athe. He deserves his attention only to the documentation needed to assure that no fraud has taken palace. We have so far received no complains, thus I assume that the process is well sounded.In my case, on the contrary, I cannot afford to rely on a fraport because my volumes will be so limited that I will have to pay the complete fee Moreover there is a collector compulsion in my blood, a passion that urges me to admire and enjoy in first person what I purchase. On one side it is an advantage, because in this way I tend to acquire only valuable items, resellable on the market. On the other side, this makes my trading more difficult, since it becomes very hard to separate myself from what I really love. Yet, it is a solid principle followed by my father during the troubles. He never betrayed his party nor his believe, fighting for only what he really thought was a good cause. May the Lord bless the King!



The consultant


It is a whole week, since I have started to work for the local administration, in the downtown of Zurich. I would have expected to invest more time on the actual project and have in the end much less free time. On the contrary I am feeling compelled, under strong and indirect psychological pressure, to dedicate to myself several hours a day. The days so far have indeed been included a special schedule of training on meditation, because according to a research sponsored by ruling coalition parties, fifteen minutes of deep breathing are more powerful than a power nap. By my previous clients, the only power nap allowed was that after the regular office hours, if we were compelled to work extra time. In this case, public employees received strong recommendations to take care about their mental health and somehow pushed to take half an hour sleep after the lunch break. Meditation hours are thus a way to take advantage of the most advance managerial theories and increase the productivity in the public service. Another not avoidable facultative course concerns sustainbility and healthy food. It is a way to explain why the canteen offers only vegan and vegetables, while meat is officially banned. I do not consider the matter a special issue. It is easier to accept the decisions taken above, than to openly put in discussion the woke regime. I silently comply to what is reasonable and indulge on the secret pleasure of venison during my evenings out. The most engaged employees acting as mhy counterparty by the client, are so fanatically brainwashed that they will avoid any Ristorante Valtellinese or Grotto Ticinese. Hopefully they will not organise violent sustainibility raides.


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