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Accetto Chudi

April 7th 2024

by Matteo F.M. Sommaruga


In wartime, it could have been not so easy for the whole team to penetrate the Russian borders and reach out the current Father of the Nation, moreover in person. They should have encountered so many opponents along the journey, in most cases those good citizens who, for one cause or the other, felt themselves particularly engaged. Most of them, when still in the West, are supporters of the United Nations and sympathisers of the global liberal faction. They could have been concerned to meet someone willing to travel in the most desecrated country of the time, but they must have been also worried for the carbon emission due to the travel of the trio. If someone wanted to conduct a revolution, it would have been better to sit in a small apartment in a big city centre and initiate a petition on social networks. It would have also been cheaper because, once the manifesto had circulated enough to catch the attention of the liberal community, some boring journalist would have started to praise the model citizens. Who, at the expense of the European Union, would have been invited to attend the most expensive, and at the same time irrelevant, conferences all around the planet. The other faction, not so popular on the Western official mass media, but with its own public on some “secret” digital group, well renowned to the police and any kind of hooligan at the same time, was sponsored by the Soviet Block. That, by the standards of the early XXI century, was constituted by China and its puppet states, including Russia. The clique was far less fashionable than the chic eco-friendly liberals, but had still not to be underestimated. The trio looked all around, they then inspected each other's expressions as at a poker table. “I would bet everything in my pockets that we shall go through. Should we just assume we are for or against Putin? It will be necessary to get some support”, said the former managing consultant. “You are the former Father of the Revolution, anybody nostalgic of this kind of old good times should love you and follow your indications”, added the art dealer. “Once again all depends on me”, replied Lenin with a soft smile, “At first they should believe that my mummy has found new energy and is living again”, replied Lenin. “Not necessary. When a main organisation sets up a new campaign, the most effective ones are conveyed with an adventurous travel. From Venice to China the journey would appear impressive, in our case from Helsinki to Moscow. We just need to find a good excuse. I suppose the environment and the documentation of the route of some rare species of birds would suffice”, hinted the young woman. “You should be a good chess player. Your idea is simple, effective, and goes straight to the point”, Lenin expressed his compliment with the whole of his heart. During his whole stay in Zurich, he got bored, if not annoyed, by attending all those amateur communists who lived off status symbols and slogans read here and there in the liberal press. This snobbish scum scarcely generated original ideas and Lenin required a good stimulus to keep his brain working. Otherwise he should have gone back to his eternal sleep, this time forever. “I love both of you, you are reviving my mind. Really I resorted to spending a couple of hours a day playing chess with the homeless and the drunkyards, on the big boards displaced around the town. I could not really tolerate all those reds surrounding me. The worst feeling was to be aware of being the culprit for their existence”, concluded the Russian leader. The former business consultant genuinely laughed, thinking at all her bad experiences with the business world in Zurich, dominated by the ESG illusions and hypocrisies. “Don’t feel guilty, women appreciate that, but be sure that any sort of dogma produces a good number of idiots ready to follow. Nowaday pauperism and democrats constitute the mainstream, but I read enough about past history that I can show you that a similar phenomenon took place in any country and time”. At least, none of those self proclaimed intellectuals ever managed to create anything for which they are worth to be remembered”, also the art dealer wanted to play his own monologue. Lenin found the speech not so brilliant, and did not pronounce a word for a while. Eventually he also laughed, recognising some esprit in the Briton’s conclusion. “About the budget do not worry. I have got my savings, but if you allow me to make a call, I am pretty sure there is someone in Zurich, or nearby, ready to support us”, said the former business consultant. “Can we afford to stay here for a couple of days then? Just the time to find three tickets on the railways directed to St. Petersburg. Or would you prefer to call it Leningrad?”, the Briton reacted quite quickly. “No, don’t worry my young man. St Petersbourg sounds nice. I am much more accustomed to that name. I however thought they severed any direct route between Helsinki and Russia”, answered Lenin. “Take it easy, comrade, I do not have a lot of contacts in the business world, besides some small collectors, but I can rely on a good network in the hotellerie”, added the art dealer.

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In Frankfurt like Heidi, in Zuerich like Lenin

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