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Accetto Chudi

May 28th 2023

by Matteo F.M. Sommaruga


I am losing the hearth of men, but conquering that of women. At least according to the most recent statistics. It would have been difficult to prove that feminism could have helped so much with the Revolution, or at least the necessary steps to achieve the egalitarian state ruled by socialist elites. Private property can be seen as unethical only with a continuous brainwashing of the masses and women are particularly skilled with that. For millennia, since the birth of humankind, it was our female companion to drive us to the most dissolute decisions. Perhaps even this time, all those frustrated girls and women can collect enough strength to provoke the collapse of capitalist society. Far too many rules, increased bureaucracy and social rights make any kind of business unprofitable. Even without officially forbidding it, the free market will be put aside. The most wicked aspect of this theory, is that common people cannot even recognize the changes ongoing and if someone will notice that the Soviet Union is born once again, then it will be too late. I smell marxism in the air, as strong as the stink of cannabis. To the latter I got almost accustomed after a couple of years living in the Zurich city center. My room in the museum is quite smallish, but given the fact that I do not pay a monthly rent, it is a great premium. I am saving enough money, despite my low salary, that if I will live for a further century, without decomposing, a beautiful apartment with a lake view will be within my budget. For purchasing, not for renting. Of course also provided that the Revolution shall not triumph as I have foreseen. There is some contradiction in my thoughts, maybe because of the age or the job in the museum, that is dull and boring. If I were an optimist, I would consider my position a well-spoken one. However it goes, I can re emerge as patron of the working class, actually as leader. Otherwise I can enjoy the benefits of a very old man, who managed to keep his job on the long term in a capitalistic society. But I want more, I want to be recognized, it is the need of my strong ego.



The art dealer


Art Basel is approaching and I need to do all the needed due diligence to anticipate the good deals. Any kind of trick will be applied by galleries, issuers and flippers to make the highest margin. It is however quite hard to obtain admission during the preview of the preview, that is the only moment when it is possible to seal a good bargain. Otherwise I will access only the leftovers, that means editions and paintings sold at the same price of much more valuable pieces of the same dimension, technique and author. It took me a while to understand that it is possible to make a profit not only by buying on the primary market and reselling within six months or a year. This works with chosen popular artists only. Even the right selection of colors and subject can determine a profitable margin. For instance the Ukrainian yellow and blue, per se a good combination, have recently recorded a positive effect on auction prices. Since, as a dealer, I can convince most of the buyers by comparing my offer with the highest auction results, this also affects my margins. Luckily my relationship with my boss has also improved during the last weeks, once again on good terms and almost forgetting the setback I had to suffer with the Hockneys. It would have been a pity if I had lost my position, being unable to make a profit of what I learnt during the last two years. Of course I still need to improve my knowledge, and that is not so easy. I get continuously distracted by the messages on the social networks. Unfortunately I also need to monitor them, because most of the times my clients contact me by Whatsapp only and if I do not react really quickly there would be a very high risk not to conclude the transaction. Most of my clients buy on an emotional basis, few are professional investors or experienced collectors. They just want to decorate the new home or make a present to their wife. Few ones select artworks for their lovers, perhaps because it is clear that it will not be returned once the relationship is broken.



The consultant


I have perhaps met the right man for me. He is not necessarily handsome, but he possesses the charme of older men. At least older than me. He could be in the range forty five - fifty five, but I am not sure because I have met him one evening out with colleagues and not on Tinder. His LinkedIn also lacks information because he does not even mention his graduation year. Provided he is not a university dropper. His profile claims to have attended both the ETH and the University of St Gallen, but he could have just done a CAS in both of them. That is sometimes possible also in absence of regular studies. He however states to hold a good position by a local bank, he is a platform owner or someone like that. These kinds of titles have been inflated with all the recent trends about management and governance, up to the point that I somehow lose myself when I need to speak with an influential stakeholder. More experienced, or cleverer, colleagues can better orient themselves in such a labyrinth, but with this skill I am really catastrophic. It is also hard to clearly focus on the profile of whom I would like to date. Perhaps someone in Dresden can provide me with a good hint without the risk of losing my face in Zurich. My income is already below the market average in the financial services, given Zurich as a reference. I cannot afford to seal a relationship with another churchmouse. It is not a matter of ambition or gamification of sentiments, but old plain common sense. I am in the age to get married and procreate. Without a reasonable income supporting the educational costs, my child will risk becoming part of the under qualified workers who need state assistance to survive in such an expensive city. A further servant of the left in the town council, because without public welfare the only alternative is to move out of town and commute up to one hundred kilometers on a daily basis. I am already living a stressful life, I do not wish the same for my children. 

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