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Accetto Chudi

June 25th 2023

by Matteo F.M. Sommaruga



I am not wondering that I have lost all the enjoyment to draw and design plots for the Revolution. The XXI century is nothing more than a mix of the worst failures of my age. People are so nostalgic of the past that they are trying to re-act the most remarkable deeds of one hundred years ago, although without proper results. The flag of failure is the most common one, even when it is so evident that a different route is needed. I am still attending the bar de l’Odéon, mostly to keep an eye on the news from Russia. Only yesterday someone tried to overthrow the government, at least according to the summary for the common people. I have noticed so many quarrels like these, during my previous life, that I cannot stop laughing when I read about the ghosts of 1917. Nowadays players hardly understand the commitment and the ambition that we employed one hundred years  ago. As if soldiers could complain that, by fighting, they put their life at peril. Even politicians, at least under my leadership, and Stalin's, had to constantly cope with a light chance to be sentenced to the capital punishment. Nowadays, if not with the exception of the most violent and less developed countries, the worst that a public servant could fear is to become unpopular on social networks. Yet, in Russia people continue to die for real, despite the fact that political leaders have preferred to act as clowns. I chose not to get involved with the public administration anymore, nor even by developing and spreading the socialist ideology. Back in the museum, I must behave as the original Lenin, and nobody else could do better. Since I am the only one who knows my writings so well.  Here, on the lakeside, I would recommend any young boy approaching me to stay away from orthodoxy and fanaticism. He would perhaps not understand, because he has not experienced the consequences.



The art dealer


I am sorting out all the business cards collected by Art Basel, waiting for a deal to be closed. That is a quite unusual one, since it is the daughter of an affluent client who will take the decision. She is just a teenager, grown up with the Lego bricks and Disney classics, toys and movies that once belonged to her father. The latter has decided to reduce to the minimum all the expenses in his household, with the goal to save as much money as possible and invest the lolly in his homely museum. That, I should admit, is already something. The daughter now wants for her birthday to start with her own collection and she has designated, as a first piece, a whole series. The artworks consist of an extremely fine edition, published by Gemini G.E.L., who are artists by their own. It is made, the portfolio, of ten collages on paper signed by Frank Gehry. He is an architect, he designed something for Disney and got inspired to create a collage dedicated to Alice in Wonderland. Now comes the particular taste and choice of the young daughter of my prominent client. Nobody could have been better provided a son, or a daughter, with a better imprint. In this case I would congratulate the father as much as his issue. I am only wondering whether such a piece could be of any value in the long term. However there are so many children all around the world, all of them grown up with Lego bricks and Disney, that a similar taste should be quite popular thus making the artwork, or the artworks, a really desirable one. From my side I prefer to invest in the blue chips of the art market and stay away from the unusual path. It could make me rich, but I cannot afford the risk.



The consultant


The summer has just begun and it is a good time for company events. My organization is really generous under this perspective and everybody is looking forward to next Friday’s party. Not just those who are single, but even the most senior members, those successful enough to afford to have a family in the most traditional sense. Such as one I am dreaming of. ”I would not accept to stay at home and take care of the house only”, that is what I had to tell every time I was questioned about the subject. Even feminists, or the feminist movement, tries to coerce women to think how it is expected. I would prefer to be free enough to decide on my own and I am sure that I could enjoy the role of the angel of the domestic environment. On the contrary, I am the angel of Powerpoint. Unless I do not manage to get onboarded soon on a new project. So far I am lying in the middle of the open space, with colleagues staring at me like vultures at a carcass. They should not laugh too openly, because within a week, or a month, the balance of power can be exactly the opposite one. I am right now in charge of the training of the newbees who hardly know how to write a proper presentation. I could work on some research on the latest trends, during my spare time, but I am not sure whether I am not trying to step into someone else's shoes. For sure they will warn me that I am not working for Forrester, or Gartner either. Another option, not to fall asleep or lose my skills either, is to conduct the research anyway, but to keep the result on my own. I could also publish the results as an article on LinkedIn, but it would just confirm to the world that I am sitting on the bench.

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In Frankfurt like Heidi, in Zuerich like Lenin

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