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Accetto Chudi

July 23rd 2023

by Matteo F.M. Sommaruga



I definitely built my castle. It is well grounded and solid. IT has required a lot of effort to be assembled, the superstructure and the substructure had to collimate perfectly. To work on the towers, it has been the most different task; not to forget the roofs, because it is the point when you can recognize the quality of what lies below. There are even some bells in the towers. The very same sound that I wanted to forbid, decades ago, while leading the Revolution. It was the music of the clerical reaction, as my propaganda depicted it. In my second age, or century, or era, bells were hated by so many other groups, all of them without a clear understanding of the implication of their statements. I like the sound of the bells right now, because it reminds me of a past far less chaotic than the so-called modern times. My times were modern even one hundred years ago, for those who were living them for the first time. These modern times of which I have started to complain, where social monsters are those few who blame alcoholism and drug consumption as a vice or disagree about the subversion of moral values, are too awful to me. By buying a paper kit of a castle in a bargain shop, choosing such a hobby because it is the cheapest I found, it is a way to escape reality. The building lies on my desk and I should complain to myself that I do not expect it could have occupied such a lot of space in my tiny apartment. Perhaps I will destroy it thus still appearing to be the leader of the Revolution.



The art dealer


Another good opportunity comes out from the Zurich market. It is a c-print, a chromographic print this time. A sort of a print, but suitable to reproduce photographs in an artistic format. The result provides such a strength that it is hard not to get captive by the projected images and start to believe to live inside them. To me it is a sort of virtual reality, although with a dedicated screen for each trip. This time the supposed to be a bargain involves Thomas Ruff, whose works have already been on my target for a long time. Germany looks to have created quite a good number of artists during the most recent years. Perhaps because they do not have an army anymore where to practice the kind of art they are most renowned for. If I had to invest my money, then the choice for Thomas Ruff would be a good one. Meanwhile a neighbor of mine has approached me with the idea to invest in bitcoins. He is a professional wealth manager and introduced himself as a dedicated one for HNWI clientele only. I do not belong to such a category, but apparently the lack of a sufficient number of believers has made him far less selective. I have got a double choice. Whether to put my money in artworks and resell them at double the price, or I invest into cryptocurrencies hoping that they will triple the value quite soo and allow me to buy that kind of art that I mostly enjoy. Both of them are risky paths.



The consultant


I have not already spoken with the partner, since I want to make him clear the rage I am feeling because of the treatment I have received. Several other colleagues have however tried to persuade me to keep calm and reasonable. For the position I demanded, I should also bring with me enough revenues to cover a couple of millions a year with new opportunities. A goal that would be judged by many as unrealistic. I am however convinced of my skills, also of my network and I could bring on the desk much more than many believe. I am so angry and at the same time I feel so motivated that I do not want to give up. I have even forgotten about my quest to find the right soulmate. Perhaps I will meet someone while acquiring a new client. Although I do not believe it is compliant to flirt with a prospective client or a C-level met during an offering phase. However, forgetting about my career level, it is also summertime and I must enjoy most of my time afterwork. Perhaps in a Badi I could find what I am looking for and at the same time get the opportunity to relax, that is the most important one. The weather during the weekend is not the best for this kind of entertainment, but there is more than one suitable alternative. Including an open air kino, with titles not really recent, but at least decent. My energy must be so low if I am resorting to these kinds of jokes. It is the hint to forget about my career and repeat myself until I will not get out of this state of mind.

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In Frankfurt like Heidi, in Zuerich like Lenin

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