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Accetto Chudi

October 1st 2023

by Matteo F.M. Sommaruga



In Germany they are preparing for a big national party, to remember the importance, the value of the privilege to stay together. Somehow it is me, and the strains of my ideology, who has provoked Berlin to be split in two parts. Without my Revolution, perhaps even the other players around the subversive table, widespread in Italy and Germany, would have kept themselves quiet. For sure the Soviet Union would have not been created and no organized power would have been able to smash Germany. Or perhaps what my comrade Stalin achieved to do, it is due to their capitalist friends only. After all, even nowadays it seems that socialism can survive thanks to the moves of good people coming out from the American business schools or living in Hollywood’s mansions. My adepts strive for years to get their hands on the US movie industry. I now realize that the most evident effect is to make secondary film productions much more brilliant than those controlled by my admirers. Provided that they really know something about me and their attitude is nothing else than common bigotry, due much more to the mindset of the German peasants, such as Luther was. I am feeling strange these days, as if someone else has managed to get his hands on that well known Heidi edition that should be linked to my vital energies.



The art dealer


The art market is going down and I have got scarce funds for my own provisioning. However, my feeling is that only online auctions, those that have surged during the pandemic years, are becoming less and less profitable for the sellers. Perhaps someone has manipulated the market in the past and is not able to do it anymore. My feeling is that in private sales the market is going towards a totally different direction. Perhaps also due to the skills of gallerists, who are doing their own best to locate the artworks at the most intrinsic value for the collectors. Auction houses are on the contrary calling the wide public without a precise direction, relying on the chance that two or more quarreling parties will contend the very same object. The highest results get published on the main page, to attract further collectors and motivate them to put their most precious objects back to the market. There are indeed some beautiful pieces that I have never been able to admire in a museum. Others are nothing more than good works with a renowned name on them. That kind of triumph that brings some real beauty in every house of the petit-bourgeoisie and provides pride to a whole family. As well as

 the hope that in the future, it will value a fortune.



The consultant


Thus my career has reached an end thanks to an old book I always brought with me. It came into my family after the years of WWI. My grandfather served in Greece, fighting alongside the Serbian army and living among the local population. He was enlisted as a volunteer in the Italian forces, they were operating together with the French expedition. Sometimes British officers were also involved with his duties, but he had also frequent contacts with Austrian-Hungarian soldiers fallen into the hands of the Allies. There was enough chaos and international flair to make the circumstances similar to a contemporary consultancy. With the difference that people were forced to join the army, with the exception of a few volunteers. Employees by main consultancies are on the contrary there on a voluntary basis, beguiled by the prospect of a millionaire life. They are much more similar to privateers, at the behest of her Majesty the Queen, or his Majesty the King. But coming back to the history of the book, that came to me through the hands of my father. That would be a wondrous tale to which few would really believe. Everything began with my granddad's encounter with Heinrich Pazze, a K&K officer from Trieste. SInce he also spoke Italian, although with a few grammar mistakes, they immediately connected and my grandad made a lot to alleviate his sufferings.

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In Frankfurt like Heidi, in Zuerich like Lenin

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